How to do an offline install of remote server administration tools (RSAT) on Windows Server and Windows 10 - November 20, 2019
This short post demonstrates how to install windows capabilities using the features on demand ISO and dism.exe. Using this method you can install individual RSAT management tools and other available windows capabilities.
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Outlook 2016's Funky Portrait Orientation - March 28, 2019
Outlook has a portrait orientation that causes emails to be opened with a single click, and it is a severe (ok, minor, but still) annoyance when using the window snap feature on a desktop.
Tags [ Outlook ] [ Windows ] [ Snap ] [ Tiling Window Manager ]

Changing NTFS Security Permissions using PowerShell - March 17, 2019
Changing NTFS permissions with powershell saves a lot of time when you need to make changes to a large group of files or when it is required as part of a larger automation project. This article should help you understand everything you need to know to manipulate security permissions with PowerShell.
Tags [ PowerShell ] [ Windows ] [ Security ] [ NTFS ]

Troubleshoot Active Directory Account Lockouts - November 26, 2018
When a user account is repeatedly locked out how do you find the cause? What server are the attempts coming from and why? In this post I will explain how to find the source of failed logon attempts and provide a checklist of solutions.
Tags [ Windows ] [ Active Directory ] [ Account Lockout ] [ Credential Manager ] [ SYSTEM Context ]

The Best CMD Shell, PowerShell, and SSH Client for Windows - March 25, 2017
When you maintain infrastructure from a Windows machine you need a great SSH client. I've used many of the best clients and have found wht I would call the best SSH client workflow on Windows - ConEmu/cmder. Click to find out why
Tags [ Windows ] [ Linux ] [ Infrastructure ] [ SSH ] [ cmder ] [ conemu ]