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List AD group members when the group contains foreign security principals - November 20, 2019
This post describes how to get an Active Directory group's members when some of those members are foreign security principals -- in a different domain. Unfortunately, the standard Get-ADGroupMember cmdlet will fail under these circumstances. Fortunately, we can work around that with a little PowerShell magic.
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Powercli Script to Unmount and Detach Datastores - May 14, 2019
A PowerShell/PowerCLI script to unmount and detach groups of datastores in VMware vCenter.
Tags [ VMware ] [ PowerCLI ] [ PowerShell ]

Automatically Load Custom PowerShell Functions - April 23, 2019
Want to automatically load your custom PowerShell functions when you open PowerShell? Using this system you can easily, and automatically, load your functions.
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Changing NTFS Security Permissions using PowerShell - March 17, 2019
Changing NTFS permissions with powershell saves a lot of time when you need to make changes to a large group of files or when it is required as part of a larger automation project. This article should help you understand everything you need to know to manipulate security permissions with PowerShell.
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