HowTo: Self Hosted WordPress on Ubuntu 16.04LTS

Here we're going to look at setting up WordPress on your own server, or a cloud VPS, running Ubuntu 16.04LTS. There are *free* options for hosting your own site that are better than paying for a cheap host. Read more to find out how...

The Linux TOP Command

The Linux TOP command provides valuable monitoring and troubleshooting information. However, there is a lot of information in a very condensed format and it can be tricky to sort through what is important and what isn't. Click to learn more about TOP.

QuickPost: What version of Ubuntu am I running?

Want to verify which version of Ubuntu you're running from the command line? There are a few ways, but the best way is the lsb_release command. Click the link to see how.

DNS: How it Works

DNS is a critical service that everyone uses every time they surf the web. Many people don't understand how it works; especially when migrating a website or service to a new host. Click to read a quick overview of how DNS works.

NGINX, ALPN and HTTP/2 on CentOS7

By now we've all heard about the fancy new lightning fast HTTP/2 protocol, right? Fortunately, the latest versions of NGINX support HTTP/2. Unfortunately, most distributions are still stuck on OpenSSL < 1.0.2