TP Link TL-WN725N USB WiFi Configuration in Linux

Learn how to setup the TL-WN725N USB wireless adapter in Linux from the command line. These instructions use wpa_supplicant and Arch Linux.

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5 Steps to Extend a Linux LVM Volume

This post details how to extend a Linux LVM volume without requiring a reboot. This works from the command line in both CentOS7 and Ubuntu

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HowTo: Self Hosted WordPress on Ubuntu 16.04LTS

Here we're going to look at setting up WordPress on your own server, or a cloud VPS, running Ubuntu 16.04LTS. There are *free* options for hosting your own site that are better than paying for a cheap host. Read more to find out how...

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The Linux TOP Command

The Linux TOP command provides valuable monitoring and troubleshooting information. However, there is a lot of information in a very condensed format and it can be tricky to sort through what is important and what isn't. Click to learn more about TOP.

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QuickPost: What version of Ubuntu am I running?

Want to verify which version of Ubuntu you're running from the command line? There are a few ways, but the best way is the lsb_release command. Click the link to see how.

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NGINX, ALPN and HTTP/2 on CentOS7

By now we've all heard about the fancy new lightning fast HTTP/2 protocol, right? Fortunately, the latest versions of NGINX support HTTP/2. Unfortunately, most distributions are still stuck on OpenSSL < 1.0.2

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Install certbot on Amazon Linux

There is no packaged version of certbot for Amazon Linux so we have to download and set it up manually. Running it the first time will install all dependencies and should then work to create and renew certificates. Unfortunately, the first run on Amazon Linux gives us and error instead of a working certbot. :(

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