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I’m Luke Arntz. I’ve been working at service providers since 2001. I’m hands on with the wide range of technologies that make providing managed services possible such as Linux and Windows Server, virtualization, networking, SQL and almost everything in between.

Reading and writing are passionate hobbies for me also. Twenty years ago I would have expected to write much more than I have over the years, and starting this website is the beginning of my quest to find my writing voice and fix that.

I want to give back the world. How can I make the world a better place? – not always an easy question to answer. I’ve probably forgotten more mistakes I’ve made in life than most people make altogether. Keeping that in mind, I believe that sharing what I’ve learned over the years professionally and also in my personal life is valuable to others.

Every few years I find myself needing to learn something new. Compelled to dive in and immerse myself that something. On my birthday almost ten years ago I realized that my life to that point consisted primarily of working a dead end job. I was a master of my responsibilities running a regional ISP, but in that situation it was as far as I could go.

Since then I’ve created opportunities to apply myself in ways I never dared before. I’ve taken on responsibilities that scared me, and succeeded. I’ve moved confidently into situations that suddenly ended in humiliating failure.

Life is a great teacher. Every situation provides a valuable lesson if we’re willing to accept it, and that in itself is a lesson I wish I’d learned at a younger age.

I’m here because I want to write, contribute something meaningful, and continue my own personal growth.

Let me know if you’ve found something helpful on my site, you have questions, suggestions, or just want to say hi.

Thank you for visiting!