About Me

Written by Luke Arntz
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I’m Luke Arntz. I’ve been working at service providers since 2001. I’m hands on with the wide range of technologies that make providing managed services possible such as Linux and Windows Server, virtualization, networking, SQL and almost everything in between.

This blog is rarely updated. Maybe one day that’ll change. Until then I write when I get the urge. Right now covid-19 is giving me the urge. 😷

Current tech I’m interested in for fun is:

  • rust / c# programming languages
  • programming embedded devices
  • virtualization / containerization
  • kubernetes
  • automation

Luckily that intersects well with my professional interests which are:

  • ansible / powershell automation
  • VMware / Azure cloud and on prem offerings
  • kubernetes on bare metal
  • linux / windows server admin and lifecycle management

You can find me on: