Kubernetes Shell Exec All Containers

Running a command in all pods

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Using traefik for ingress on a kind cluster

How to install traefik in a local kind cluster.

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Rust Password Hashing with Argon2id and the Sodiumoxide Crate

This post aims to provide examples of secure password hashing and provide a simple overview of the process including what is and isn't required for security.

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Getting Started With The STM32 Nucleo-F302R8 and Rust

Rust Programming & ST Nucleo-F302R8 STM32 Nucleo-F302R8 development board with STM32F302R8 MCU Introduction I’m new to rust and new to embedded programming. I wanted to document my experience getting started. This started when I bought an Arduino kit to do some projects with my family while we’re stuck inside avoiding the pandemic. If you notice any incorrect information or ways to improve what I’ve done here I would greatly appreciate the feedback!

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Direct Link to VM in the vCenter HTML5 interface.

Create a direct link to a virtual machine in the vCenter HTML5 interface.

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Dotnet core and data protection encryption

Explore using ASP.NET data protection encryption in a console application. These extensions also work cross platform, but not all options are available on Linux.

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List AD group members when the group contains foreign security principals

This post describes how to get an Active Directory group's members when some of those members are foreign security principals -- in a different domain. Unfortunately, the standard Get-ADGroupMember cmdlet will fail under these circumstances. Fortunately, we can work around that with a little PowerShell magic.

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How to do an offline install of remote server administration tools (RSAT) on Windows Server and Windows 10

This short post demonstrates how to install windows capabilities using the features on demand ISO and dism.exe. Using this method you can install individual RSAT management tools and other available windows capabilities.

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Powercli Script to Unmount and Detach Datastores

A PowerShell/PowerCLI script to unmount and detach groups of datastores in VMware vCenter.

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Automatically Load Custom PowerShell Functions

Want to automatically load your custom PowerShell functions when you open PowerShell? Using this system you can easily, and automatically, load your functions.

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